The cleaning process

On arrival at your property we will:

  • protect the area surrounding your cooker
  • carry our a pre-cleaning inspection, to check for any faults or damage
  • remove the shelves, sides and back and fan from your oven and any removable parts from your hob
  • put these in the preheated van mounted tank to soak
  • if necessary, remove the oven door.

Then begin the cleaning process:

  • with your oven on a low heat, carefully blade the inside of the oven
  • using biodegradable cleaning spray and paste, scrub the oven to bring this back to its shiny best
  • clean and polish the door inside and out, removing the glass, where possible
  • clean and polish the hob.

Back at the van:

  • remove the soaked fittings from the heated tank
  • scrub to remove any stubborn marks
  • rinse in clean water
  • finish with stainless steel polish

And finally:

  • carefully reassemble your cooker
  • give it a thorough last inspection
  • start the oven to check it is working properly
  • give it a final polish
  • clean the surrounding area, leaving no mess.

The whole process usually takes 3 to 5 hours.

Telephone 07843 99 88 96